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Interlex Announces 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting

Larry Swibel, President, announced that The Interlex Group will hold a virtual annual meeting in 2020 consisting of two sessions over two days: Wednesday, October 28 and Thursday, October, 29 2020. 

After cancellations of the three in-person 2020 meetings due to Covid-19 and travel concerns, Interlex felt it important that in this season when Interlex members usually gather somewhere in the world to replace it with our modern option.


The meeting will feature guest speakers, breakout discussion groups, networking opportunities and Interlex updates.  There is no cost to attend, however, you must be an Interlex member firm to do so.  We encourage as many lawyers as possible from member firms (plus marketing specialists) to attend.   Registration and agenda details will be available soon.   



9:30 a.m. U.S. Eastern time
1:30 p.m. GMT

2:30 p.m. Central Europe time
9:30 p.m. Beijing/Taipei/Singapore/KL
10:30 p.m. Seoul/Tokyo  

 This is just a sample of time zones.  If any is not listed, please check to ascertain your starting time.  With our disparate locations, it is impossible to find meeting times equally convenient to all.  By keeping the sessions short, we hope to make the meeting accessible to as many of you as possible. 


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